Thumbs Up

Thumbs UpA “thumbs up” has many different meanings based on the context in which it is given. Before an audition, one of the judges will often give a “thumbs up” to tell a person they can begin. During a game, a child will look up into the stands at a proud parent giving a” thumbs up” to show their pride for a job well done. On the eve of Peder’s passing, a group of 7 people witnessed a thumbs up that meant so much more.

During the day of March 23, 2010, Peder had more energy than he had in weeks. For about 10 days prior, it was well known by most everyone who loved and cared about Peder (which was an incredible amount of people) that the end was near. Peder was taking on this challenge like he had taken on so many others, with courage, strength, humility and an amazing amount of dignity. For a short time this energy brought back “our Peder.” This was the Peder with the heart of gold and the smile that could light up a room. Unfortunately, the jolt of energy Peder experienced was only temporary and it dissipated as the sun began to set. That night as Peder rested in his bed, his family was around him to support him as they had his entire life. As things began to get worse the anxiety in the room obviously began to increase. That was until a moment occurred that will forever be etched in the minds of 7 people. Before Peder slipped into a state of unconsciousness he was asked what seemed like a simple question, “Peder, are you okay?” His response: a “thumbs up.”

That “thumbs up” can only be described as a life changing answer. It found a way to calm the anxiety in the room. It led those that were there to believe that everything was going to be alright. It was the inspiration for starting The Peder Hedberg Foundation. It was Peder’s way of telling us he was at peace with what was happening and we should be too. It was Peder’s way of saying carry on my dreams and ambitions. It was Peder’s way of saying live your lives to the fullest because I certainly have. To those of us in that room Peder’s “thumbs up” meant all that and so much more.

Thank you for visiting The Peder Hedberg Foundation website. If you cannot afford to donate money at this time, please do us a favor by following in Peder’s footsteps, and give a family member, friend, or stranger a big “thumbs up.”