Mission & Vision

Mission Statement of the Peder Hedberg Foundation

The Peder Hedberg Foundation exists to fund programs that support children and families through the ministries of not-for-profit Christian Camps and Conference Centers, not-forprofit programs working with children with disabilities, and not-for-profit organizations that advance elementary education.

The Vision of the Peder Hedberg Foundation

The dreams and goals of Peder Hedberg provide the vision of the foundation. Peder saw value in Christian camping and children with disabilities. Peder dedicated much of his short life working with disabled children and serving on summer Christian camp staffs. Prior to his death, Peder spoke of plans to return to school in order to prepare to teach in elementary education. The vision of the foundation is to continue to support Christian camping, support work that values and uplifts children with disabilities, and furthers the affect of elementary education and those who serve in elementary education.

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